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Why You Should Blog

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I remember when I was first introduced to web design - some (wow) fifteen years ago. I had just signed on as General Manager of a local ISP, networking and web hosting firm. Our web designer gave me a quick tutorial of Front Page and I was oh so impressed. I bought a copy of Front Page and toiled through its tutorial until I was able to create and post my own website online. I especially liked its navigation view, but over the years I learned that Front Page was an html hog and I moved on to Dreamweaver, Expression Web and CSS. The common denominator – it helped if you knew code.

When Google and WordPress released their blogging platforms – suddenly millions of want to be web designers were able to post sites online, share their thoughts and compete with the big boys. It leveled the playing field, and opened the door for peer to peer networking.  And you didn’t need to know one stitch of code.

With over 25 million WordPress sites online today – and thousands upon thousands of plugins available to customize those sites, peer to peer recommendations via blogging (and other social networks) drives today’s market. Blogging platforms have transitioned from amateur status, to now compete across broad cross sections of corporate America and global markets.

Why you should blog “ Bottom line; it’s been documented over the years that prospects buy (or are influenced) from individuals, organizations or businesses they know, like and trust.  Blogs provide a cost effective online platform that allows you to ENGAGE your prospects and clients, which in turn keeps you in their crosshairs when they’re ready to pull the trigger. Prospects don’t want to be sold to, but make no mistake, they do buy BILLIONS of dollars of merchandise, information, services or programs online, if not from you, then your competition.

The key to effective blogging – is that you make it your own. I recently read online, “By placing informative and/or opinionated content on your blog, not only are you generating increased readership from people searching online for that particular subject matter, you are introducing these people to you.”

Blogging doesn’t end there though – as plenty of bloggers will attest. Just as there’s a psychology to sales, there’s a psychology to blogging. I’ve bought thousands of dollars of sales training tapes and CD’s over the years, but have recently turned to the Internet for blogging tips and info, to sites like Men with Pens, and to fellow bloggers like Ana Hoffman, one of my favorites. In Ana’s latest post, she discusses a plugin called CommentLuv, discussing how it could make your blog come alive. And isn’t that what all bloggers should strive for – relevant comments from an active readership? And right now -

There is a great giveaway going on at the Traffic Generation Cafe Blog -your ultimate hub for all things web traffic, where you can win your own copy of the hottest plugin release of the year – CommentLuv Premium. Participating is very easy: just visit Ana’s CommentLuv Premium giveaway page for more information.

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  1. November 30th, 2011 at 07:04 | #1

    Good question ” Why you should blog “..I am of opinion that 90% of folks blog for raising money and 10% of interest.

    • November 30th, 2011 at 09:33 | #2

      Money is a definitely a motivator. I see so many blogs that appear to have been designed for the sole purpose of generating affiliate income, but lack personality. The end result? I visit one time, spend a couple of minutes looking for some value, then move on and don’t return. On the other hand – WOW, I’ve run across some incredible blogs that I’ve bookmarked and return to regularly, knowing full well that their end goal is to make money. The difference? The ability to connect with the blogger because what they write has real value .. and personality. Thanks, Raks

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