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Viral Websites on the Rise

Viral WebsitesA lot of sites I visit regularly are either business, technical or detail oriented. If your goal is to drive traffic geared to specific marketing campaigns, going viral to a consumer audience may be a viable option.

What are consumers looking for?
As a consumer myself, it’s no secret that most of us are looking to cut costs. An increasing percentage of consumers are also searching for environmentally safe solutions (Going Green). In contrast to detail oriented sites, viral websites work best with a lighter, benefits-focused design.

Providing Solutions
Demonstrating benefits is great – providing SOLUTIONS is KEY, by alleviating pain, either personal or business related. Viral websites take those solutions one step further. They’re designed to enable visitors to link your message and your solution to their friends via email, or social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter.

Going Viral Tip
Going viral follows basic networking guidelines. Referrals of any kind work best when the person on the receiving end of that link knows, likes and trusts the sender. I just recently became aware of campaigns that allow uploads of sender’s faces with those links – graphically reinforcing your message.

Measuring for Success
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Monitoring traffic driven to your site is paramount. Viral websites should drive those measurement s thru the roof.

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