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Surfing the Internet poses some very real dangers - one of those being phishing. The sole purpose of phishing is an attempt by a criminal to trick you into revealing personal information, while appearing to be from a valid or legitimate source, such as your ISP, hosting provider, financial institution or consultant.

I recently took an online test to determine - my ability to recognize phishing emails or websites. I aced it, but I’ve been in this industry for some time. Countless individuals fall prey to phishing schemes everyday.

Identity theft is on the rise. Don’t be it’s next victim! Do NOT give out your usernames and passwords, financial information, PIN numbers, your mother’s maiden name,  Social Security number, birthday, pet’s name or any other personal information that may help identify you. This information is used by phishers in an attempt to steal accounts, money, credit card information or your identity.

Please be wary of any message that asks you for personal information.

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