Creating a Snap or Video To Your Snapchat Followers.

To engage your Snapchat followers using a video or a snap, you need to create it a certain way only. The option of sending an old snap located in your phone memory is not available on this social media platform. The snaps you are sending are taken and recorded at that moment before sending it. It is a simple process that you can do on your own after reading this.

The front camera is recommended to enable you to view exactly what you are recording. Tap on the circle shutter button located at the bottom part of your screen to take a still snap. For videos, press and hold the circle to start recording the video snap now. It is important to note that you can do so for up to a maximum of 10 seconds. If you are not satisfied with snap or the video, tap of ‘X’ button to delete it.

Set the timer to limit viewing time to between 1 to 10 seconds on photo snaps. When your Snapchat followers receive the snap, they can see it only for that period as it will automatically disappear once the 10 seconds elapse.f1

The ‘Unwritten Rules’ of Snapchat Followers

Snapchat took the world by storm. It was a social media platform that came with a different and more interesting concept and a large number of people joined it. It became even more exciting as people were given the chance to sharevideos o events taking place in real time. It does not matter where you are or how far apart you are with your loved ones, Snapchat gives you a chance to share the events that arehappening in your life with them. All that you need is a device that can record videos and one that is internet enabled and can connect to Snapchat.

There are however people that have complained that they are not rally getting the hype that they thought that they would be getting form Snapchat. They do not seem to be getting the likes and the followers that they thought would come automatically once they post their videos. They have tried everything that they know but nothing seems to be working and this has been a very frustrating experience for them. In the event that you are among these people, there is some good news for you; it is possible for you to be redeemed from this frustration.

Most people have taken a path that makes them ignore the ‘unwritten rules’ of Snapchat. There are people that get too personal on Snapchat. They like to post videos of very irrelevant and even the most intimate moments of their lives and post them on Snapchat. This tends to be very annoying to the other users of Snapchat. It is true that people want to see videos of what is happening in your life but they do not really want to see and know of each and every small thing that takes place. Thus getting too personal on Snapchat will work very well to make any Snapchat user get the Snapchat followers that he or she is looking for.f2

The length of the videos that you post on Snapchat is also another very important factor. You need to understand that very few people have time to spend the whole day on Snapchat doing nothing but watching videos. Thy want something short that they can watch, get the entertainment or information that they need and then go back to their lives. In the event that you are those people who like posting extremely lengthy videos on Snapchat, stop worrying about how come you never get any likes or followers, just stop posting videos that are too lengthy.

Another very important unwritten rule in the use of Snapchat is that the world of Snapchat is a give and take environment. You need to follow others and watchand like their videos for them to give back the same to you. Note that it operates just like any other social media platform. IF you do not interact with people on the platform, you will not get the Snapchat followers that you are looking for. What you give on eh social media platforms is exactly what you will get. You should never expect that people will like and follow you simply because you are you; you also have to show the willingness to interact with them and follow them back and like their videos and content also.

Moderation is also very important in the world of Snapchat. Moderation here mans that you need to watch the frequency with which you post videos, the length of these videos and the amount of interaction that you have with people on Snapchat. You do not want to look like that idler who never has anything else to do other than waste time seeking people’s attention on social media. This will be even worse in the event that you have a habit of posting irrelevant content. People will automatically shy away from you and they will even unfollow you because they will get tired of their phones beeping due to notifications from Snapchat on what you have posted. Moderate your postings and the content of your video, interact with people as much as you want them to interact with you and check the content of the videos that you post and you will be good to go.